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Searchin' For The One I Love
If you can take your hand out of your back pocket
And dish up the right change
You could shoot yourself like an A1 rocket
Out along your dreamlike range
Then you could see the land of promise
As you rise with the holy dove
And sail your soul like a silver comet
I'm searchin' for the one I love.

I never had any money
But I never let my dreams die
I had my own way of believing
My silent prayers they got me by
And all the words that the prophets fed me
Made me believe they came straight from above
And while they crusade against one another
I'm searchin' for the one I Love.

By my side there sits a baby
My mother flies high in the sky
In the ground lies my father sleeping
So I'm gonna run like a dear until I die
And I work for 10 cents an hour
I crawl the tunnel to rise above
People look away when they see me coming
Cause I'm searching for the one I love.

So I'm walking the street in the mystic light
My breath just adds to the fog
There's a preacher standing on every corner
Screaming at me that I live like a dog
So I take him the key to my believing
He says his word comes straight from god
And I say if you see God give him my phone number
Tell him I'm searchin' for the one I love.

Lyric Credits: Jefferson Keys, Robert J. Conaway & Gregory Conniff
Music Credits: Jefferson Keys
Producer Credits: Robert J.
Publisher Credits: Two-Con Music(BMI)
Performance Credits: Robert J.
Label Credits: Big World Records
Song Length: 3:38
Primary Genre: Blues-Country
Secondary Genre: Blues-Rock
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Subject Matter 1: Philosophy
Subject Matter 2: Searching for Love
Language: English